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You’re probably aware of my dilemma when it comes to weights of cakes from my butter cake recipe. Personally, I feel this post is what’s missing from the world of baking blogs so I do hope it helps you.

This recipe yields 1 kg of butter cake and is ideal for an 8 inch round pan. As you can see below, it has reasonable height and would be good for personal consumption. Serves about 6-8 people. (In my opinion, it could serve up to 10 people as everyone’s getting more health conscious and cutting down on the sugar these days)










The 1 kg could be split into two 6 inch round pans instead, if you want a smaller but taller cake.

This cake was made with 2 kgs, of course, split into four 6 inch round pans. As you can see, each layer is quite generous and thick. So 1 kg would yield 2 reasonably sized 6 inch layers.



Most of the time though, I double this recipe to get 2 kg of butter cake. It’s just more fun to decorate with more surface area of cake to work with.

This blue-green cake was considerably tall as I made 2 kgs in two 8 inch round pans (1 kg per pan). Officially, it serves about 12-15 people. Again, I feel it could serve up to 20-30 people. The tricky part is that the 2 kgs are compressed on one another so it would be harder to share among that many people. If you were to make the whole 2 kgs in a single 10 inch round pan, it would probably easily serve 20-30 people. I have tried to make a 10 inch, 2 kg butter cake before, but that was a fail. So look out for that in My Baking Fails.

Keep in mind however, although 1 kg fits perfectly in an 8 inch round pan, it doesn’t fit quite as perfectly in an 8″ x 8″ square pan. The surface area of the square is, of course, larger than the circle so you would need more batter to make a proper square cake.

This minion cake was made with 1 kg batter  in a square 8 inch pan. I did get a cake out of it but because it was quite thin, the ratio of cake to icing was quite low, hence became too sweet. So I’m thinking you would need at least 1.5 kg for a square 8 inch pan.



kgs would also fit nicely in the same square pan, you just get a little more cake than you need and that’s not a problem at all! This was a 2 kg 8″ x 8″ square butter cake.




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